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Artful Healing: Understanding Art Therapy

Kristina Vogt offers an introduction to the basic principles of ART THERAPY in this fascinating teleseminar from The Breathe Network!


“Creativity is a core part of the self. Tapping into our creative source can help us make sense of what we may not be able to understand cognitively and communicate what we may not be able to say verbally. The act of creating art can be both cathartic and grounding, and reflecting on the art process and product can lead to significant insight that is often unable to be verbalized. Since art making can also evoke insecurities and challenges, my role as an art therapist is to cultivate a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space for you to engage in new forms expression and help guide reflection of your work.” ~Kristina Vogt


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“Art + Yoga + Trust” by Zabie Khorakiwala

Zabie Art Therapy

“I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I had no words for.”  – Georgia O’Keeffe

I facilitate an 8 week yoga as healing program for survivors of sexual trauma at the local rape crisis center in Orange County, CA and I am the founder of Transcending Sexual Violence through Yoga. For this class in particular, the art facilitator through the organization Art & Creativity for Healing, Inc., created custom canvas yoga mats so the survivors could paint within the comfort and support of their yoga mat.

There is nothing more powerful than the holistic benefits of painting abstractly the emotions that reside within you that sometimes you just do not have the words for. Now add the the component of painting within the four corners of a yoga mat that has provided unconditional support through the heart-wrenching process of healing from sexual trauma…*chills.* The survivors who participated in this series are the strongest, most amazingly resilient individuals I have ever come across. How I have been so blessed to be apart of their lives and healing process, I will never understand.

art heals. yoga heals. this is trust. this is the journey to heal.

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