“Watercolor Figure” by Alex, Boston

photo 3

“About three years ago I started painting as part of my own journey to heal.

I find with each swish, stroke, and swirl of my brush I release tension onto the page. I am able to communicate feelings and thoughts I otherwise struggle to put into words, using color and shape as my medium. The violent/nonviolent transfer of energy onto a canvas is both cathartic and exhilarating. The process forced me to trust my instincts and lean into my fears and uncertainties.

Recently I worked on a series of nudes. As a survivor, I understand how our bodies can become foreign. You can feel trapped within your own form and lose appreciation for all of the the beautiful things they do. Bodies are not only defined by shape and texture, but all of the colors that make us up. By filling in with watercolor I was able to show the various colors and the interactions they have. We are all colorful and complex and unique.

Let’s celebrate our bodies. And each other. And you.”


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